So, where have I been since the last really real update?

Well, after Baltimore Green Week, I fell into a freezer and just awoke last week when the unpaid electric bills caused my service to be disconnected and my freezer to turn off…

Actually, my fiancee Ann moved in with me in May and we went on an amazing trip to France.

My super cool environmentally friendly bike I suped up was stolen in early June.

[Editor’s Note: Thanks to posters pointing out that I chose some immature name-calling to describe a former employer (i.e. “goober”), I edited this paragraph. In summary, I was laid off from Titan Digital in June 2004 when the company was sold and I was redundant within the buyer’s existing workforce. One of the problems with my field is that designer-types view me as technical while technical-types view me as a designer or hack. As the quote goes “Even in a world of outcasts, I’m misunderstood”]

So, I went to work for myself and landed a contract gig with Black & Decker with their on-line training group. Plus, I went back to work with RWD as a contractor. RWD was good and I made good/great money for the first few months. All the extra money was going towards our honeymoon. AND, we were robbed in August by some 11 year old thieves who took my laptop, ps2, gameboy, final fantasy tactics and super mario brothers for gameboy and our bikes (3 bikes in one summer has to be a record!)…Allstate insurance was great about getting us the money for what we lost but we still needed to spend some dough.

So RWD was OK and I had some good projects but didn’t like that nothing was ever consistent (schedule, work-load, type of work) and got another gig with BD on an e-learning course in November while working at RWD.

BD decided they wanted to hire someone full-time so I applied and was hired the week before Christmas. Plus, being laid off in June put a huge damper on a home equity loan we were going to use to renovate our kitchen. We ended up paying for the kitchen our selves and it was completed on my third day of work.

In terms of 2004 home improvements, we insulated the bedroom, finished the living room, decorated the dining room, finished the aforementioned kitchen. We’re currently finishing the basement into a home theater.

Our garden w/ City Farms worked out pretty well last year and we’ll have two vegetable gardens this year and some flowers in the backyard.

My fiancee became my wife on Jan 8th and we’ve been living happily ever after since. [Honeymoon Pics]