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Using C# or How I Learned to Love Microsoft

February 26, 2021

One of the more difficult languages I have had to learn for Design is C#.

Why C#?

Well, it appears to be the language of game design…or I should say, the language of Unity which is a highly popular game engine. At UBalt, we standardized on Unity for our Simulation and Game Design Program and have had some amazing projects come out of it.

I “know” Python, Perl, C, some Java, JavaScript, and a bunch of other derivitives of those. C# is very much like Java in formality and construction. I didn’t know C# because the last time I played with Unity was when they had a Unity-script. Now, Unity uses C# exclusively as the language within the tool. They also make you use Visual Studio as the IDE.

The IDE has been the most exciting for me, because, I always code in BBEdit and never get the benefit of code completion or syntax checking. Visual Studio has been fantastic for that…it practictically writes my code for me and reminds me when I mis-Type a variable or mistype some code. I was so excited by it, I rewrote my Blog engine in C# and used XCode on a mac to make a MacOS application to write from. It’s very boring now (and still requires Python to upload) but XCode and Visual Studio have been making it easy for me to make this app the way I want it.

Greg Walsh, PhD is an associate professor of design at the University of Baltimore. His main focus is co-design and works with people to incorporate more voices in the design process. You can follow him on twitter @gxwalsh or email him at greg [at] ] gregwalsh [dot] com