• Exporting Content from Publii to Jeckyll

    In this tutorial, we’ll export Publii data and put it into basic Markdown for use in Jeckyll.

  • Design Thinking

    Here’s a thing I recently wrote about design thinking.

  • I made an apron that turns into a bag to carry my sewing stuff for class

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Greg Walsh (@imgregwalsh)

  • Becoming the Parsons Professor of Digital Innovation at the University of Baltimore

    I have been named the Parsons Professor of Digital Innovation at the University of Baltimore! I’m very excited about this opportunity and have some big ideas on how we can continue to make UBalt be the one of the best Universities in the region (especially for Design but I digress). After being appointed, I was asked to do a Q&A with our University communications group and have posted it, unedited, here.

  • Remember the time I made a blog?


  • The Placebo Button

    Bank of Elevator Buttons

    Over the summer, a former student “interviewed” me over e-mail about placebo buttons. If you’re unaware, placebo buttons are buttons that don’t actually do anything and are instead used to make a person feel in control of the situation. The most commonly referenced buttons are elevator close buttons (they just close on their own) and pedestrian press-to-cross buttons at intersections. Patrick did a small, informal study that he wrote about at EXBERLINER entitled Idiot buttons: The brutal truth about Berlin’s pedestrian crossings. He found this:

  • Revisiting Saga Walk

    Kids looking at sticky notes on a table

    One of the lost papers that never got published was our work on a co-design technique we called “Story Walk”. After tweeting about it, we were contacted by a very angry librarian who said she owned the name “Story Walk” and we either owed her money or we needed to change our name…hence, Saga Walk.

  • Forecasting Fashion

    The future of fashion looks green…not like the emerald, but in environmental sustainability. The use of reclaimed materials, reduction in seasonality, the adoption of a slower cycle will all contribute to the fashion trends over the next five years.

  • ARTH201: Summer 2021 Final Group Project

    ARTH201: Summer 2021 Final Group Project from Greg Walsh on Vimeo.

  • The Crisis of Modernity

    James Ensor

  • The Avant Garde

    I have had to take art and art history classes in each stage of my educational journey: my general educational requirements and first degree major (mass communications), as general education in my new pursuit of studying fashion design, and a source material for that degree. In all of those years, I’ve never really seen the delineation of craftsman and artist that the Invention of the 19th-Century French Avant-Garde illuminated. In this essay, I see a clear marker when those Renaissance craftsmen doing technical work we now consider art were replaced with artists whose vision and message came before the technical achievement.

  • The Archive

    In order to maintain a blog for 19 years, one has to be flexible. My first blog used Radio UserLand followed by Blogger on my UMBC account and then Blogger on, hosted Wordpress and then maybe Wordpress on my site that got hacked. I eventually rewrote something like Radio UserLand in Python to blog from the command line and then rewrote the interface to those tools in C# in order to practice making a MacOS app. While I learned a lot, I’ve settled on the Open Source Publii to write my blog now. It creates flat files, sitemaps, tag lists but keeps it database free on the site. 

  • Art & Politics

    Over the summer, I became more familiar with the socio-political structures that heavily influenced the work of the Italian Renaissance artists. In particular, the outsized influence of the Medici in the Republic of Florence. The Medici family came into their fortunes through banking and used those fortunes to “control” the area. Lavin (“David’s Sling and Michelangelo’s Bow”) writes that David, besides being an abstract autobiography of Michaelangelo overcoming the difficulties of working with that piece of marble, is actually a commentary on the “Medici-Goliath” (Lavin, 1990 p.140). This Goliath was a threat to the Republican nature of Florence that Michelangelo supported. With all of this political meaning overflowing from the statue, I’m not sure that most contemporary Florentines would have understood the message of David beyond the basic biblical reference. 

  • What is Art? and Renaissance Painters were Just Web Designers

    I have come to believe that art is a patina on deliberate, creative craft. Not all art begins as art and works that are intended to be art may not turn out as such. I also believe that craft becomes art within and outside of the context of the artifact; in order to understand the artifact, it is important to understand its context.

  • Ambiguous Constraints

  • The 15 Minute City

    Image description

  • Building My Own 3D Printer

    A Homemade 3D Printer

    I have been using a Monoprice MPSelect Mini for four years as my main 3D printer. It is a great printer but has a very small print bed. One of the things I’d like to do is print larger objects to mix fashion design and interaction design, so, I’d like a 1m cube printer. However, those don’t exist and I knew I’d have to build it myself. Having no experience with “building” 3d printers, I decided to follow an online tutorial and create one from scratch.

  • Markdown Example Post

    This is a second example of **markdown**. This is another paragraph.

  • Tool kit for Co-Design with Kids

    Kids designing together

    The University of Baltimore’s Digital Whimsy Lab is proud to announce the release of our KidsTeam Co-Design Toolkit. This toolkit can aid design teams in the creation of co-design activities that enable children and adults to work together. Even though the original target audience was libaries and librarians, we think the content is a valuable resource for any team that wants to design with kids and aren’t sure where to start.

  • I Made This: Marker Holder for your Board

    Marker Holder Image

    I’ve been reconfiguring my desk to accomodate my research, design, and teaching work. One of the favorite features of my home office is the

  • An Old Article Not Up to Date and No One Needs

    AppleScript Logo Flash Logo

  • One of my Favorite Examples of Kid-Centric Design


  • Using Tiddly Wiki as a Research Tool

    One of the most frustrating things as a researcher is keeping all of my sources and references organized. Fortunately, I’ve been using the BibTex format for some time and have minimized loosing sources once I have them. One of my colleagues at UMD posted this:

  • 2021 Goals

    I hope that I am able to acheive these goals in 2021:

  • Op-Ed on Hawaii Missile Alert

    This is a new post.

  • Moving to Medium

    This is my first attempt at publishing on I’m not sure if this will work or even if I want it to work.

  • Command-line Heaven

    This post was done from the command line!

  • Getting Scammed by a Startup

    Reading Penny Kim’s Article I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup today on medium, I was reminded of my own experience with ‘Startup’ culture and the business death spiral.

  • 3D It Character Maker

    3D printing is pretty common at the Digital Whimsy Lab. I’ve always wanted to have one at home if for no other reason than to just mess around. I found the Jakks Pacific 3D Character Creator at Target for $11.99 (down from ~$40) and thought it would be fun. The product is a hot wax mold injector that works with a plastic skeleton system. You place the skeleton pieces in the mold, place the mold on the melter and then inject the hot wax into the mold. After it cools, you pop it open and have a tiny action figure.

  • Disney Infinity was the Best Video Game System

    Thanks to a recent sale at Walmart, my family is now the proud owner of all the Star Wars Disney Infinity Figures. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, congrats… that is a big accomplishment!” Ok, you may not be thinking that but Disney Infinity was the best video game system on the market.

  • Going to Stonehenge


  • Moving Hosts

    I moved hosts today. I was tired of paying $20/month so I switched to Go Daddy. I’m not sure if it is better, but, it is certainly cheaper.

  • New Linux Laptop

    In an ongoing attempt to use Linux as my regular OS, I just bought an older Lenovo X201 laptop/tablet to run Ubuntu on.

  • Losing my Credit Cards and my Mind

    That feeling of panic struck me as I realized I had no wallet. “I must have put it down somewhere,” I thought. I kept looking and looking around my office for it. Just to be clear, my office is a mess as I’m waiting to move to a new office so I keep thinking “Why bother?” I walked out into the hallway and back in the room to find it. I noticed that I had left the hallway door and my door open to walk down the hall to talk to my colleagues. My stomach sank as I realized it must have been stolen.

  • Three Components for Success in UX Job Hunting

    I often receive e-mails from people who want to know how to get a job in the UX field. This is usually preceded with “I saw your post on X about the your students who got a job at Y.” It’s true that UBalt’s MS in IDIA places graduates at some really interesting places, like Google or eBay or Federal work. But our success hasn’t been magical in any way. We follow a simple model to help students get the kinds of jobs they want: Skills, experience, and portfolios. I’m going to explain these three elements and why each one is important to potential employers.

  • To the Author of 'Science Fairs Have Lost Their Way'

    This is an email message I wrote to Rhett Allain about his excellent article in Wired this morning titled “Science Fairs Have Lost Their Way. Let’s Make Them Cool Again”.

  • Tomorrowland

    [You think] they’re saving the seat on the rocket ship just for you? Youve been manipulated to feel like youre part of something - like you’re special. But you’re not.

  • Master the GREs for UX Schools

    Why GREs Our IDIA program requires the GREs. When people ask me about the admission requirements, they either sigh at the mention of the test or try to negotiate not taking them. As a program director, I find them valuable for reasons that were not necessarily intended by the test makers.

  • Choosing a UX School

    As the program director for the MS in Interaction Design and Information Architecture and the User Experience (UX) Design Certificate, I often get asked why a person should choose UBalt over another school, particularly a non-University like General Assembly or Betamore. My answer is the same for each person: It depends…maybe that other program is right for you.

  • Working with the Baltimore Orchard Project

  • New Additions

    I was able to refactor this and include other python files to make it more manageable. I had written several scripts that were doing the same thing with small differences. Instead of re-typing code, I used python’s import function and put most of the repeating routines into a separate .py file that I could import.

  • Uploading via FTP

    If you can read this, then I uploaded my blog automatically with the command line tools. I chose to use duck which is the command line executable of cyberduck. I was having a lot of problems using the default python tools and the simple FTP client for the command line.

  • Site Archive

    I recently implemented a site archive which is made up of flat files generated from the Wordpress’ exported XML file.

  • First Flat Blog Post

    One of my goals this year is to write everyday. For years and years (and years), I use Wordpress to manage my blog. It worked well but there were always so many features, that I stopped using it.

  • April 26, 2015 at 11:40PM Post to Flickr

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  • Trip to Iceland Flickr Gallery

  • January 19, 2015 at 08:11AM Post to Flickr

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  • Saved: 'Logical Fallacies'

    Source: Logical Fallacies
    A collection of logical fallacies from the Constitution Society. My favorite is Ignoratio elenchi.

  • Saved: 'Energy House | The New Everyday'

    Source: Energy House | The New Everyday
    This is a chapter about the artifacts I created as part of my research into layered elaboration and the game it produced.

  • Star Wars Rebels, Disney World, and Extensions in UX

    My kids and I have been watching a lot of Star Wars Rebels, a new show airing on DisneyXD. The stories are about the crew of a ship called the Ghost who appear to be the start of the Rebel Alliance (in Star Wars terms, the good guys). I just watched the episode Droids in Distress that had guest appearances by C3-P0 and R2-D2, the two droids that appear in every Star Wars movie. Although they are arguably the most popular robots from the series, another droid appearance, RX-24, in the episode made me yell out loud “No way!”.

  • Saved: 'Working with Your Hands, Full-Scale: Hank Butitta's Bus-to-Tiny-House Conversion - Core77'

    Source: Working with Your Hands, Full-Scale: Hank Butitta’s Bus-to-Tiny-House Conversion - Core77
    This article covers a design student’s conversion of a bus to a “tiny” house. His thoughts on design school are as illuminating as his designs.

  • Saved: 'Best Audio Recording on Your Smartphone'

    Source: Best Audio Recording on Your Smartphone
    DJ Young covers the (very) basics of smart phone voice recording.

  • Saved: 'How To Capture High Quality Video on Your Mobile Phone | Idea Lab | PBS'

    Source: How To Capture High Quality Video on Your Mobile Phone | Idea Lab | PBS
    An article from PBS’s IdeaLab on recording good video with your smartphone. I remember carrying around a gigantic vhs shoulder camera in high school to record things…today, you only need a 5 inch smartphone.

  • My thoughts on 'American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn't Exist | WIRED'

    I’m a big proponent of hands on learning. This Wired article talks about how we need to train American kids to be better thinkers and problem solvers.

  • Saved 'Walt Disney: The World's First UX Designer | UX Magazine'

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  • Homepage | Google Research

    The main page for applying to the Google Faculty awards. I submitted ours last night.
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  • IMG_20141014_094705959_HDR.jpg

    A lovely grove behind UB's Academic Center. It needs some tables.

    See it here:
  • Me and Bill Buxton

    I took this picture after the workshop that Bill lead at CHI2014.

    See it here:
  • DSC_7146

  • 20140222_155521

  • Campfire


  • An Open Letter to the CEO of SECU

    Mr Staatz,

  • The 90s called...


  • wpid-20140810_174030.jpg

  • Freeport, Maine

    For our first of 7 nights of camping in Freeport, Maine at Recompence Campground. It was beautiful but it rained…a lot.

  • 20140714_185909

  • Lobsters all lined up


  • wpid-20140724_170625.jpg

  • Vacation!


  • wpid-wp-1406239738496.jpg

  • Google Keep

    Won’t it be great to have a central place to keep you notes that will be shutdown in 4 years? Looking at you Wave and Reader

  • Unamed Post

    Super excited for Jimmy Fallon to replace Leno. Hopefully Conan isn’t mad…

  • Video Game Consoles: NES

  • Nostalgia

  • Place bid!

  • Frankers


  • wpid-wp-1363732456519.jpg

  • Ann can juggle!


  • wpid-wp-1363732371896.jpg

  • wee three

    Is it safe?

  • Wee again

    Just checking to see if my Blog and Social are playing nice.

  • weeee

    Does the Twitter work?

  • Participatory Design, its meanings and subsets

    Participatory Design is this big giant concept that people have the right to have a say in design of things that affect them best illustrated by the now mythical newspaper workers of Sweden in the late 70’s/early 80’s [zotpressInText item=”{N6KKMBTV}”].

  • It's time to play 'Blue Mazda' or 'White Honda'!

    That’s right, it’s time to play everyone’s favorite game that requires thin windows and big mufflers… Listen up… do you hear the Blue Mazda or White Honda? What is it Ann Walsh?… is it the Blue Mazda….or the White Honda?

  • I want to abandon Facebook...

    I’m not sure if that is even possible…I mean, how will I find out about my 20th HS Reunion or what Social Maven @jasoncyip is up to?

  • Technology: Is it good or evil

  • IDC 2011 Opening Plenary Notes

    Jim Gray’s opening plenary at IDC 2011 discussed the following things:

  • Split huge files in Ubuntu or any other Linux distro - LinuxScrew: Linux Blog

    Split huge files in Ubuntu or any other Linux distro - LinuxScrew: Linux Blog.

  • The HCIL as a line drawing

    Here’s my best rendering of the HCIL lab in floor plan format.

  • hcil_floorplan

  • French Letter Closings

    I received an email at the International Children’s Digital Library written in French. It was short but I understood it and wanted to reply. For some reason, I thought you signed letters in French with Regard. Actually, according to French Letter Closings, there are many more options and they are infinitely more “French” than a simple word.

  • The Joys of Channel Surfing, How Hulu Ruined it, and How it all Relates to Design

    We dropped cable/satellite in Fall ‘09. It wasn’t that we were anti-cable or anything, it was just that $108 a month was pretty pricey…especially for a PhD student who really only watches what’s on network TV. After multiple attempts at a home-built DVR, my wife and I bought a TiVo and learned the joys of over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts. What we lost in content, we made up in cost savings. The TiVo allowed us to cut the cord (the cable cord at least) and not move away from the UI that most modern tv systems have: guide, information, and the ability to pause a show.

  • IMG_20120210_142539

  • IMG_20120209_171423

  • My 20 Best Photos on Flickr

    [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157627731455568"]

  • 3308636113_e17c28d21b_b

  • Sample Blog post with Twitter posting

    This is a sample post that sends a message to Twitter…let’s see if they notice.

  • Profiles

  • iSchool Profile

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  • Teaching Statement

  • Picture Test

    This car always seems sad.

  • Think Spring

    As I sit and look out at this dark, rainy and cold night I can’t help but look forward to Spring. That means trips to Oxford and views like this.

  • For Sale

  • Boats in Oxford

  • Research Portfolio

  • My Facebook Profile

  • My CV

    My new CV is available. This has my publications, courses taught, and professional experience. Did you know Curriculum Vitae translates to Race course of Life?CV Image

  • CV

  • Graphics Post

  • 155231_469656514394_668049394_5354316_8099114_n

  • Retrocamera test


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  • CiscoVPN and Firefox on Mac

    My VPN for UMD stopped working. I looked at the error codes and it said a dynmaic library in Firefox was the problem. I uninstalled Firefox, ran the VPN and it worked. Reinstalled Firefox and it is all better.

  • FILM1

    From my Political Science class, Fall Freshman year of College:

    The ability to vote is an overwhelming power. If used, a community can be extremely successful. On the other hand, the power can destroy a community if ignored. More often than not, however, the latter occurs. In these cases, the most harmful event can happen, the loss of hope. The people of the community can feel there is nothing better but this is untrue. Voting can bring upon a brighter tomorrow.

    Lexington, Massachusetts is an excellent example of democracy in the United States. The population consists of upper-middle class. A large portion of the people vote, and there is high participation in town government. These two factors that were brought out in the film showed that active involvement in the community can get the peole what they want. For example, the people did not want Continental Airlines to run an air taxi service from a local airport. They petitioned government officials, formed their own activist groups and highered lawyers to look into the legal aspect of the situation. The townspeople got their wish because of the interaction of the community and the government.

    The twenty-fourth ward of Chicago is an example of the system working against the people. It is the complete opposite of the situation in Lexington. The population is mostly lower class individuals who do not vote. The average education is, at its highest, highschool. The people there feel that they have been taken advantage of and their only solution is to move out. Some organizations are trying desperately to register more voters to increase the turnout at the polls. However, the amount of voters is still low. The residents have fallen into a cycle where they don't want to vote then their ideas are ignored so they don't want to vote then their ideas are ignored so they don't want to vote.

    This cycle can be ended if the residents of the twentieth-fourth ward in Chicago look to the people of Lexington as their inspiration. If the schools teach the importance of voting at a younger age, more people may vote. It is proven that the higher the educational level of the area, the more likely the people are to vote. Another idea for the residents of Chicago is to form more activist groups. If the people pull together, they would more likely to be heard then a few scattered individuals. This can be seen in areas of the south where some towns don't even have water or trash disposal. The townspeople came together and petitioned the neighboring city to annex them to provide the necessary conditions for life.

    The power of the people is strong. If they stand united, almost anything can be accomplished. If people are divided then they cannot be heard or even seen. The invisibility of individuals is not the worst part of these types of situations. It is the absence of hope that can stop the advancement of a community.

    EDITOR's NOTE: Apparently, I was bad at spelling.


    Nov 1992

    Greg's Christmas List

    Note: Prices and availability subject to change.

    1. Radio Shack's Lab Kit with 200 fun projects #28-265

    2. Popular Science

    3. Genesis Games

    - Terminator 2 for the Menacer

    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    - Jeopardy

    - Shining Through the Darkness

    - Tiny Toons

    - Insector X

    - Sonic 2

    4. Gameboy Stuff

    - Handy Boy accessory

    - Mario 2

    - Battleship

    - Personal Organizer

    5. IBM Thing-a-ma-bobs

    -Terminator 2029*

    - Batman Returns*

    - Autoworks

    - CAD Complete by Softkey

    - Thunderboard for Windows- Due to the nature of this object I do not feel that it should count as a full present.

    6. Alarm Clock


    *I want to see this first before I ask for it.


    Super Hero or Vigilante?

    Beyond normal; excedes all set standards. One who is looked up to; has special abilities. A person or persons who aid in the stopping and/or punishing of criminals. Which one or ones sounds like a super hero such as Batman? The second one is the best definition of him. But this is the definition of a vigilante.

    Of the modern super heroes, only a few of them are like the first true super hero, Superman. Being incredibly helpful and non-violent led him to be the standard of all heros since Odysseus. The only problem is not all heros are like this.

    Today, the two supreme heroes are Batman and The X-men. Batman is a wealthy business man whose parents' murder he witnessed as a child and, therefore, dons a cowl and cape and beats up criminals. The X-men are a group of people who were each born with a supernatural mutation that allows them to do such things as moving a boulder with his or her mind and who were brought together by a man who thought his brother was going to take over the world.

    The X-men are nothing more than a jealous brother's attempt to beat his sibling. Dr. X, leader of X-men, is crippled and has telepathic powers. Albeit, his brother is evil and the X-men do good but they operate above the law and that is a vigilante.

    The greatest example of a vigilante is Batman. In fact, when he was first designed, he was intended to be gregarious. He is an example of how horrible crime can be because of its effect on youth. Though he helps the police and his friend, Commissioner Gorden, he still breaks a multitude of laws. These laws range from aggervated assault to speeding and even breaking the fourth amendment.

    These vigilantes are not heroes but common criminals. They only make the police's job harder, if they were real. Vigilantes today in real life are not always welcome. An example of this is the Guardian Angels. They were kicked out of Philadelphia and today are not always wanted.

    Jun 10, 1993


    My name is Gregory Walsh, Greg to my friends and Groegory to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I think I was named after Greg Brady by Earth paents. Tom and Denise adopted me after I was found on the side of the road near my Martian ship. I'm only kidding, my parents are from Mars, too.

    To fully understand me, let's look at my life. I was born in Pennsylvania on December 6, 1974 at a very young age. My parents moved me into a quainte townhouse where our neighbors were the Malonoski's of Methacton Highschool fame. We then moved past the Mason-Dixon line and ended up in the Old Dominion, well actually Dragonfly Lane in Richmond, Virginia.

    From Virginia, I was transported many a time and in the aspect of time let's continue when I came to the Methacton School District. It was here that I decided to be a robotics technician and build a machine like in Star Wars. I had an incredible amount of trouble with my fourth grade teacher who wouldn't let me use the computer in the classroom until my parents bought me one at home. This was my first year in this area and I'm sure it left some emotional scares that will haunt me and force me to go on several talkshows.

    From there I decided to be a doctor like everyone else in my Enrichment classes. This soon faded when I received my first grades in tenth grade biology. I was trapped in a void of unknowing (this sounds far greater than it was) and was brought on vacation to the same place after fourth grade...Walt Disney World.

    The first time I was there, it left a memory of happiness at the end of one-hundred eighty days of HELL. This second time I went, it gave me a purpose in life- to be the guy that drives the Jungle Boat ride! OK, maybe not. Actually, to become the head of the Disney Company! or a cartoon voice.

    The latter is pretty much what I want to do. You'd never guess how hard it is to find a school with that major. So I decided to go to Bloomsburg and study, ready for this wonderful topic, MASS COMMUNICATIONS WITH AN EMPHASIS IN TELEVISION ACTING AND DIRECTING AND TELEJOURNALISM, or cartoon voice. I plan to intern at the Music Television Network as a personality on a show. If all goes well I'll then turn to directing and take the torch from Steven Spielberg and win an Academy Award and have my own theme park and a big house with air conditioning and...

    Jun 9, 1993

    EDITOR's NOTE: I graduated from Bloomsburg with that degree AND did radio and cartoon voices...just not for Disney.


    Steven Spielberg

    Imagine a dark theatre. The curtains open and the music plays "da dun-dun-dun da dun da dunnn" as big spotlights illuminate a giant number twenty. For the next two hours you are magically transported to a whole new world where anything can happen and your cares are taken away. This great experience is only possible through the work of the director. I feel that the greatest director of our time is Steven Spielberg.

    Born in Ohio in the late forties, he grew up an average childhood. He was in the Boy Scouts and today is still active in scouting. He went to college to study television and began his career in this field. His first movie was called "Amblin" which was about a girl walking cross-country. The name of his first film became the name of his company, Amblin Entertainment Company.

    One of the attributes that makes him the best director of our time is his use of music in his movies. Movies like ET or Indiana Jones or Back to the Future all can best be identified by their music. In fact, the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind had a piece of music as the theme throughout and was nescessary to the characters for the denoument. One person that is important to Mr. Spielberg's movie-music is John Williams who is the conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra.

    When one thinks of modern directors, George Lucas may come to mind. He is an excellent director but what seperates Spielberg from Lucas is his diversity. Steven Spielberg is involved in television ( Amazing Stories), and cartoons (Tiny Toons).

    These different facts prove that Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time. His humanitarian efforts, his use of music and his diversity all prove it.

    Jun 2, 1993

    EDITOR's NOTE: This wasn't really June, but that's what the floppy disk says.

  • POV

    "A&P" is John Updike's short story written about the adventures in an ordinary supermarket. The story is written in first person and the speaker's name is Sammy, a young man who seems to pay more attention to the actions of the customers than his job.

    The story is a recital of what happened on Sam's last day. The characters such as the watchful lady, the three girls, Stokesie his friend and the manager Lengel made the story seem very real because they were described as a normal everday person would talk about them in conversation.

    The organization is chronological. It begins with the three girls entering the store, their misadventures and finally leaving as does Sam. Each part is connected to the preceding and following paragraphs. This makes the story flow very evenly.

    The weak objectivity in the story can be attributed to the author trying to present a person who quit his job for people that didn't even realize it. The negative description of the watchful lady and how females think and Lengel show these feelings as well as calling the lead girl Queenie.

    Updike's use of first person gives the story an amazing sense of reality and believability as a speaker. All of the events come from Sam which leads me to believe a biased view was taken but that adds to the story. The point of view is consistent throughout.

    Nov 29, 1992


    He-Man vs. Tiny Toons

    The reason He-Man was my favorite was his simplicity. It was a struggle of goo vs. evil in a fantastic setting with surreal charaters. These charaters made the cartoon enjoyable to watch and easy to understand but if watched today, they would probably bore me and I'd revert to channel surfing.

    Channel surfing is flipping through channels rapidly and the reference to surfing comes from moving quickly through the air-waves. It is my guide to how well I like a show. If I flip while the shows on, it stinks. If I flip only during the commercials, it's average and where most shows fall but if it's really good I'll watch the commercials too, waiting for the show to come back on which is the case of Tiny Toons.

    This show keeps me so entertained, its unbelievable. The humor makes me laugh so hard, my mother tells me to shut the door. The characters somehow relate with someone I know which makes me laugh more or a situation is the same like when I'm walking down the street and an anvil falls on my head. The plots are corny and so are the jokes but when put together with parodies of movies or television shows, its a riot. Even the credits are funny. At the end of the show they put a short message disguised as a credit like "The Top Four Reasons We Used David Letterman's Charicature."

    The reason for this change could be my maturity. People find as they get older, that life is not always the good-guy wins scenerios like in He-Man. Life should be laughed at or we all die of stress diseases. Maturity is different than growing up. Maturity is how you see the world and how you handle yourself with those perceptions.

    Nov 16, 1992


    EDITOR'S NOTE: This one is just plain stupid. I can't believe I would have done better than a C on it.

    One of the most interesting points of Aristotle was his "super school", Lyceum. This school was very interesting in the fact that every so many days, they would elect a new school supervisor from among themselves. Another interesting point of the school was the zoo. This was one of the first zoos in history. The idea was to bring animals and plants from around the world to Greece. Here, Aristotle studied the animals as best he could to find more about them. His idea of a zoo for studying animals can still be seen today.

    Plato's idea of schooling came in the form of removing the children. When the children became a certain age, then they would be taken away to the countryside to be educated. By taking the children away, they would not learn the hatreds and prejudices that their parents would instil upon them. Theoretically, this would only have to be done to one generation because that group would give their children the ideals that were given to them. The biggest problem I see is who would be that one teacher for them all and who would say that his or her ideals are better than anyone elses.

    In my oppinion, Aristotle's idea of school is far better and practical. The reason I say this is his idea of hands on learning is very supperior and is being copied today in many places and probably even more so on this eve of a new world.

    Nov 9, 1992

  • Road to the Whitehouse

    The Road to the White House

    You too can run for president! It's really quite simple if you have the time and money. All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines.

    Do something to make yourself famous. Declare to be a candidate in your respective parties and hope to win in the preliminaries. If you don't belong to a party or are fed up with the parties then get yourself on the ballot by forming a loyal following who will spend every moment of their free time to get enough signatures.

    The next step is to campaign. Unfortunately, the last few elections' campaigning involved nothing but mudslinging and character bashing. To look good don't do that. Instead, make yourself look good and character a little. Then buy time on the four major networks for several half-hour shows that introduce your family and your ideas. Make your own charts and personalize your pointer into its own character

    The next step is to look good in debates. Make sure you know what your talking about and even more so, make sure you hearing aid is turned on. Make a funny remark about your self for instance if you have an oversized bodypart, cash in on it with any one of the following statements: "I'm all ears," "the eyes have it," "I nose what I'm talking about," "I have a gut feeling," "I'm a hands on president," "hair today gone, gone tomorrow" or "I'm heads above the rest."

    The final step is to recap your campaign as compared with your opponents'. For instance, come up with a catchy slogan for the other guys like "Turkey and dip," or "Huck and Tom" or "Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber." Make sure that your nice the whole way through.

    Some other words of advice are to not quit and be careful. No matter why, don't quit. It may make you lose the election. Also, make sure there are no recording devices in the room when you discuss scandals, I mean tactics.

    If you follow these words of advice, you're sure to win, maybe, almost certain, I hope.

    Nov 5, 1992


    My bicycle is a work of art or a torture device designed by Nazies. No one else ever has had a problem riding it except me. I can ride a bike, but sometimes the bike likes to play little tricks on me.

    One day, I was riding all across scenic Collegeville. Uphills, downhills, through streams and most of all through neighborhoods. I have nothing against small little neighborhoods except for that evil, lurking, waiting being that live in each one. That hell sent creature is the leashless family dog.

    Peddaling up this one street, I saw an outline of a dog. Of course it couldn't be a nice friendly dopey dog, oh nooo, of course not. Instead it was a less-than-friendly pitbull named Butch. I stopped and stared at him. He stared at me. He had the power to rip me to shreds. All I had to do was turn around and pedal up the hill. One tiny problem. I was in my twenty first gear and had to get to at least my seventh to make it up the hill. I had to move and switch quickly before the dog had my leg for lunch.

    We stared at each other like people in an old western film. My shifters were my gun and he was like a bandit. "Just hit my shifters, and go," I said to myself. Hit. Snap. Ahhhh. The chain came loose. I panicced, he charged, I ran with my bike between my legs. I nearly escaped with my life and feet.

    That was nothing comparedto my vacation at the shore. A bicycle is a great vehicle at the beach, usually. Unfortunately, my bicycle was one of those thin-tire-type made for speed, not sidewalks. Coming home from seventh street, I tried to stay on the road until twenty-first street, where I was staying. I was forced on to a sidewalk somewhere near tenth. There were no ramps on the walks so I had to go up and down the curbs.

    At fourteenth street, I went down a curb that seemed to have no bottom. When I hit asphalt, a loud pop and hiss sound hit me in stereo. My front and rear tires popped and locked into position. I had to carry it eleven blocks home.

    When I came home from vacation, I had a wonderful piece of metal to fix. The repair person said that it would cost about seventy dollars but the bike only cost one hundred dollars to begin with. The bike still sits on my porch waiting for the bike fairy to come and fix it.

    Oct 11, 1992

    EDITOR NOTE: I still have bikes waiting to be fixed. 18 years hasn't really changed anything.

  • Person

    The person who I miss dearly because he is not in my life any more is a person who a lot of people know and some chose to forget because at the mention of his name some awful feelings come forth. Other people pretend that they never knew him because their parents forbade them to. The person of who I speak is very rarely mentioned by grown-ups unless in jest or fibbing, this seemingly unappreciated man is Santa Claus.

  • Place

    The one place that left an everlasting impression upon me was created by me, built by me, used by me, and finally destroyed by me. The locale of which I write is the once existing treehouse in my backyard.

    When I was eleven, I thought I could build my own fortress. I figured out the amount of supplies and location of the treehouse that my friends and I would need. Well, I was completely wrong about the tools and wood, and about the place for it because it turned out the original tree we began to build in was infested with termites.

    The three of us found the wood and nails throughout the neighborhood. The cost was very little in terms of money but cost a fortune in blood, sweat, and hit thumbs. It took about two months to complete, the phoenix of trash, once wood from buildings and now rebuilt into a dream. It was ever changing for the first two years of its life.

    After its first month, it was attacked and vandalized by an unknown assailent and the "club" had lost all of its safety. We had found an enemy among the trees. Instead of safety it left an overwhelming sense of rightousness in me. It became a symbol of good in a place of evil.

    After awhile of going back there every day, the time I spent there decreased steadily and it took to age. I found less and less use for it and by fate or an order from my parents, a lumberjack dropped a tree on it. The woods engulfed what was left of the extinguished phoenix.

    Sept 1992

  • Beowulf - The Musical

    Feb 1993

    It was the Anglo-Saxon time. A time when men were men and women were men. It was a time of mystery and of little records so we can make up a story and no one can tell the difference if its real or not. Here is such a tale.

    After Beowulf slayed the Grendel's mother, he rested for a while at his summer vacation home at the Stonehenge Summer Condos. Unknown to him at the time, the Grendel's evil father had gone to the Mountain

    Kingdom of Rodqn. The good king of the land, Speaturm, had been tricked into allowing the Grendel's father to become his Chief of Guards.

    At this job, Big G was a normal, large, hairy, guy who did his job during the day. When night came, however, the monster came forth and devoured the citizens of the Rodqn.

    (Big Grendel sings Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)

    News of these murders got to Beowulf. He decided that he would slay this evil monster with his trusty giant sword so graciously repaired by Weland's Sword repair-"If we can't fix it, it's not a sword.Located across from the "

    Beowulf was given a few horses and a duck for his travel. On the way to the Mountain Kingdom, he was given a magic sack that would give him food whenever he reached in, therefore he didn't have to kill Beofowl, the duck.

    Beowulf reached the edge of the mountain with the kingdom on top. "Oh boy," exclaimed the Wulfmeister. He and his duck climbed for a week until they reached a sign that read," 45 days from this spot." He wanted to give up but then the duck convinced him not to.

    (Beofowl sings 2 Legit to Quit)

    The Rodqnites all greeted Beowulf when he reached the town gates. The people led Beowulf to the Chief of Guards. They discussed what the monster may look like and ways to kill him at the Hall of Dramatic Irony:

    Beo: I think I might be able to take him in a fight.

    G: Oh, really. What makes you so sure?

    Beo: Just between you and me, I have a little surprise for ol' big and ugly. I've found that Grendels seem to have, how can I say, a distaste for Casaba Mellons.

    The monster left the meeting and researched Casaba Mellons. He found that science had proven that if one put a hot towel around one's neck, the taste of a Casaba Mellon would be unnoticeable besides one looking stupid.

    Beowulf gathered a small army. (Together they sing We are the Champions by Queen.) They all marched along singing Do wah Diddy.

    The Monster sang Come as You Are. And they did singing We Will Rock You. The final battle ensued and only one winner could emerge. Because it would be boring to make Beowulf immediately win, he didn't. The grendel struck a tremendous blow upon our hero and made him fall, big surprise, eh. Just then Beofowl attacked the Grendel with his Duck Fu.

    Beofowl then grabbed the magic sword and chopped off Grendels head. Beowulf exclaimed," How did you do that?"

    "You see," Beofowl said," I gave you the idea about the mellons and knew Big G would put the hot towel on his neck and as anyone who ever saw an ABC (All Battle Channel) Monday Night Mystery movie, hot towels make the skin easier to cut."

    "Oh," replied Beowulf, "I feel bad now."

    (Beofowl then sings You're Only Human by Billy Joel. Then the whole cast sings It's the End of The World by R.E.M. and then the curtain closes)

  • Highschool Writing

    I found a floppy disk with all of my Methacton High school English/Physics/History papers.

    I'm going to start posting them here.

  • Converting a web-based app from Flex (AS3) to HTML 5

    Working with my intergenerational design team at the HCIL, I designed and developed an distributed co-design tool affectionately known as DisCo (article). DisCo supports Layered Elaboration (article) which is a way groups can asychronously design iteratively while leaving previous versions intact. I developed the first three prototypes of DisCo in AS3 and and compiled with the open-source Flex compiler mxmlc. Because I was so familiar with ActionScript, I only coded the original prototypes using pure AS and did not use any of the MXML that Flex is known for which turned out to be a good thing.

  • new tool

    This is a new tool.

  • New Twitter Test

    I’ve been trying to consolidate my twitter and my blog so neither one is neglected. Hopefully this worked. I would like to keep my dissertation progress updated here.

  • Third iphone post


  • 20101212-012429.jpg

  • Second test

    This is my second iPhone post.

  • Test from iPhone

    I’m writing this from my iPhone.

  • Wait...if you're photographing us, who's photographing you?

    [gallery link=”file” columns=”2”]

  • 20100909-10011

  • 20100909-10010

  • Explicit Support!

  • support

  • Bibliographic Managers

    I’m in a tough spot. My entire career depends on research and writing and I need a way to keep all of my bibliographic resources in one (safe) place.

  • CHI2010 Conference Day 2

    Giving number 100 of 112 25-second speeches this morning was the scariest moment in my academic life*. If you’re not familiar, CHI has a fun tradition of doing CHIMadness each morning where EVERY speaker of the day gets up and does a 25 second “commercial” for their talk. Very nerve racking. VERY. The room was so packed that the organizers needed to invoke the fabled Fire Marshall rules and keep people out of the room.

  • Why Apple's restrictive iPhone 4 SDK License is a non-issue for academics

    I did not know that Apple announced a new iPhone OS, let alone a new software development kit (SDK). So when I heard about it, I looked it up in Google News and saw the restrictive license as a trending topic. I read the Daring Fireball article [link] that most people are referencing and agree with his interpretation of the license, but, I don’t think any of it will matter.

  • Using Aluminum Foil for a better camera flash

    I was looking around on the Web the other day and saw a product for your SLR camera that bounces the light up so your in-door pictures look better. It was $34.99 which is way too expensive for a “reflective piece of material” especially when I have a whole roll of reflective material, aka aluminum foil, in our cabinet. I used this on my film camera which has a pop-up flash and I’m sure it would work with a digital one as well.

  • Happy Belated New Year

    Hello. I apparently haven’t posted on my blog since sept 2009. I remember disengaging my twitter feed to my blog because of tweeting the wrong thing and realizing it was in a bunch of places (facebook, twitter, my blog,, friendfeed).

  • An open letter to Governor O'Malley

    The following is a letter that I e-mailed via the Governor’s feedback form, as well as sent to my state senator George Della, and state representatives Peter Hammen, Carolyn Krysiak, and Brian McHale. So far, I have only heard back from Della and McHale. I tried to customize it for each delegate as I hate form letters.

  • Test post...please forgive!

  • New RSS Feed

    I just moved my RSS Feed from the Retrofit default to Feedburner (a google company). Let’s hope it works!

  • Wired Gallery list Things to fill my basement with

    I’m surprised this list doesn’t have a slide rule. I would love to be able to use an abacus.

  • New Janey Pics are up!

    Attention Janey Fan Club Members$, there are new pics up at: Flickr Page

  • Bike Jam 2009 across the street from my house

    For every year that I have lived here, there has been a Bike Jam. I’m not sure why, but, we never went to one until today. It was pretty cool. Blue Cross was giving away bike helmets for kids, a guy from Bike Baltimore gave me a map, an insurance salesmen was giving away water bottles, and the music was pretty good. Plus, we got to see some pro teams race around the park that we run and bike in. Very cool…

  • Bike Baltimore

    I met a rep from Bike Baltimore today at Bike Jam 2009. I’m not sure who it was, but I think the dude gave me his personal copy of a bike map because I asked if he had one with road grades on it and he pulled one out of his bag and gave it to me.

  • Stephen Wolfram Reveals Radical New Formula for Web Search | Epicenter

    The guy who invented Mathmatica is developing a search tool that answers questions. Instead of it giving you a list of possible results, it searches its own database of content (based on Wikipedia among others) and formulates the answer for you.

  • CHI 2009 Next Week

    So I’ll be off to CHI next week. Here is my poster that I’ll be displaying:

  • SXSW: Dead Space, a 'Deep Media' Case Study | Game | Life from

    ‘“IP cubed”: Games with rich story lines that can be extended into other media, giving fans the opportunity to delve in as deeply as they want.’

  • $12 Computer: Playpower Wants to Save the World 8 Bits at a Time | Gadget Lab from

    I’m going to use the $88 I save from an OLPC to put towards an iPhone.

  • ACM Code of Ethics Wordle Analysis

  • APA Wordle Analysis

  • AUP Wordle analysis

  • Space Baby

    CIMG1359, originally uploaded by gregwalsh.

    Using this apparatus, we are able to grow Janey 3 months in one night...

    Actually, she has jaundice and this is a pic of her in the photo-therapy light. She'll be here until tomorrow morning when she'll be evaluated for her BillyRubin count.

    Until then, she awaits take off.

  • Me and my tiny baby

    CIMG1341, originally uploaded by gregwalsh.

    5 lbs 1 oz Mary Jane Walsh is tiny.

  • Class reflection from 2-25-2009

    This week, we talked about research ethics. It was pretty straight forward. We reviewed three different code of ethics from the following organizations: American Association of University Professors, American Psychological Association, and Association for Computing Machinery. They were, again, straight forward but it seemed like the APA had very strict guidelines. In class, we discussed that the more harm a group can do, in this case Psychologists, the more intense their ethical core needs to be. Conversely, a group may create an intense code of ethics to seem more important (I$m looking at you ALA).

  • Evaluation of two online reference tools

    This is an evaluation I wrote for class. I needed to ask the same reference question to two different sources. I chose the Internet Public Library and AskUsNow! The AskUsNow folks were at the Enoch Pratt Library and did a great job answering my question and finding me sources all at a distance:

  • Reading and class reflection from 2-19-2009

    This week, we talked about two readings: A truly useful bat is one found in the hands of a slugger by Grob, and Government information policy research: Importance, approaches, and realities by McClure and Jaeger. I thought Bat was a good article because it not only describes how evaluations can be used as a valid research method, but, it also had a How to succeed in business kind of vibe to it.

  • Another Kippi picture

  • Jimmi Simpson is having the best month ever!

    Our favorite Bloomsburg acting alum has been on CSI: Grissom’s last episode, House, and will be on Psyche this week. I was his RA in college…ok, not on my wing, but the other wing…and I was only an RA for one summer…but still. I may have been in a play with him, too…maybe not WITH him but in the same short play show.

  • Class Reflection

    This week, we talked about the 1968 Borko article $Information science: What is it?$ and Henry’s $Influential evaluations$. The first article was an attempt at identifying exactly what information science is while the second article described evaluations as a type if research method.

  • CHI 2009 Acceptance

    My paper “Wii Can Do It: Using Co-design for creating an instructional game” was accepted to the CHI 2009 conference’s works-in-progress track.

  • Reflective Journal

    Today we talked about quantitative data via surveys. The two papers we discussed were John Bertot’s paper $Web-based surveys: Not your basic survey anymore$ from Library Quarterly and ‘survey research and libraries: Not necessarily like in the textbooks$ also from Library Quarterly.

  • Reflective Journal

    Today we talked about quantitative data via surveys. The two papers we discussed were John Bertot’s paper $Web-based surveys: Not your basic survey anymore$ from Library Quarterly and ‘survey research and libraries: Not necessarily like in the textbooks$ also from Library Quarterly.

  • The International Children's Digital Library and Google announce agreement

    I think this is my longest post ever:

    BOSTON, MA - November 13, 2008 -The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) (, which is the world's largest collection of children's literature available freely on the Internet, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Google to augment its vast collection of public domain children's literature with public domain titles digitized using Google's state-of-the-art scanning technology. The result will be the addition of potentially thousands of scanned, searchable children's books to the ICDL. As part of the agreement, the ICDL and Google will share their public domain titles making them available via the ICDL and Google's Book Search.

    $This is great for ICDL as it helps further extend the reach of their exemplary collection of multi-lingual children's literature around the world,$ said Judith Hottensen, Publisher, Weinstein Books. $By doing so, publishers, authors and illustrators can better reach children, parents, and teachers in some of the most underserved parts of the globe. The ICDL is a truly noble cause.$

    The ICDL joins company with 28 other prestigious Google Book Library Project Partners but unlike these large state-of-the-art library systems, the ICDL is a small innovative non-profit that leverages technology to emphasize the pedagogical and unifying components of children's literature through a user interaction that was designed by children from around the world. And, unlike its other 28 partners, the ICDL owns no books.

    $Digitizing books is our single largest expense in providing free exemplary literature to children the world over,$ said Tim Browne, Director of the International Children's Digital Library. $Our relationship with Google is significant in that it catapults us forward light years in terms of scale. The Google scanning technology is best-of-breed and we are thrilled to have access to the technology as well as Google's existing collections.

    The ICDL is the most recent library to partner with Google Book Search. Other partners include Columbia University Libraries; University of Michigan; Harvard University; Oxford University; the New York Public Library; Stanford University; University of California; University of Texas at Austin; University of Virginia; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Princeton Library; the Complutense University of Madrid; the Bavarian State Library; the Library of Catalonia; the University Library of Lausanne; Ghent University Library; Keio University Library; Cornell University and the Committee on Institutional Collaboration (CIC) schools, including University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Indiana University, University of Iowa, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University.

    About ICDL

    Founded in 2002, the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) has the world's largest collection of children's literature available freely on the Internet. Funded initially by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), and Microsoft Research, ICDL debuted at an international celebration inside the US Library of Congress. The mission of the non-profit ICDL Foundation is to identify exemplary books that help children to understand the world around them and the global society in which they live and make them freely available on the Internet. The materials in its collection, all presented in at least the original languages in which they were published, reflect similarities and differences in cultures, societies, interests, and lifestyles of peoples around the world. For more information, please visit ICDL on the Web at

  • New Curriculum Vitae posted

    I updated my CV.

  • Changes need to be made in Patterson Park

    This video illustrates why I didn’t get to sleep until 3AM early Sunday morning.

  • Knight Rider Theme a la Flute and Beat Box

    I found this while looking for a new ring tone for my phone:

  • New look for blog

  • Much too windy

  • Does this post back to Facebook?

    This is a test. Sorry to the two people that read this.

  • Arrrrr!

  • Making a Scary Mask

    ArrrAs part of my doctoral funding, I work for the International Children’s Library. I’ve been doing a lot of community building by answering the very interesting e-mails we get as well as answering and contributing to the forum.

  • Original Fish & Chips is the best!

    I know I don’t update this blog often and I know that I don’t write about food ever…but holy cow, did I go to a good fast food restaurant today. While we were headed for Target in Middle River today, we went looking for a place to eat lunch. We stumbled onto Original Fish & Chips.

  • Cleaning up my email.

    Cleaning up my email.

  • Walking to class

    Walking to class

  • Integrating the blog and twitter

    I wonder how this is working?

  • Testing


  • Word Press Upgrade

    I just uploaded WP2.6. Let’s she how it works! Looks like I lost my categories…whoops.

  • In Rehobeth

    In Rehobeth

  • Convincing Mike to join twitte...

    Convincing Mike to join

  • Watching 'triangle'

    Watching “triangle’

  • started riding bike to work

    started riding bike to work

  • rzf.txt

  • Just upgraded

    Just upgraded

  • Looking for a replacement for ...

    Looking for a replacement for me at B&D…

  • OLPC is no longer based on Sugar: ivan krsti$$ $$ code culture $$ Sic Transit Gloria Laptopi

    Part of me is bummed that the XO computer’s OS, Sugar, didn’t seem to pan out for the project. I am glad to see the project continuing on, and (hopefully), positively affecting cultures around the world.

  • Less than 80 days until I leav...

    Less than 80 days until I leave BD for school.

  • going to the annabelle lee tav...

    going to the annabelle lee tavern

  • in NY at certpoint conference

    in NY at certpoint conference

  • I've accepted University of Ma...

    I’ve accepted University of Maryland’s offer and will be attending PhD school in the fall.

  • Watching Thiagi

    Watching Thiagi:

  • Are You Connect.ed? Social Networking Forum

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity to speak at the Social Networking Symposium held in Baltimore at the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s School of Nursing. All of the presentations as audio and slides have been posted on their site. I encourage you to watch it!

  • I'm fluent in javascript as we...

    I’m fluent in javascript as well as Klingon.

  • I now realize that Director MX...

    I now realize that Director MX 2004 was not nearly as cool as I thought

  • paying bills and uploading old...

    paying bills and uploading old pics to picasa

  • Watching common craft.

    Watching common craft.

  • Starting a MSIT Alumni network...

    Starting a MSIT Alumni network on LinkedIn. Want in?

  • trying out quicksilver on os x...

    trying out quicksilver on os x…wishing for a new mac book pro

  • Trying twittersync for the las...

    Trying twittersync for the last time.

  • Adjusting courses

    Adjusting courses

  • making my last update for a bi...

    making my last update for a bit.

  • Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser

    I’m trying out Flock to see how it works with research and all the cool social network tools I learned about yesterday. I’m not sure where this will post… Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser <div class="flockcredit" style="text-align: right; color: #CCC; font-size: x-small;">Blogged with the Flock Browser</div>

  • Are You Connect.ed Presentation

    Thanks to all who came to the panel discussion this morning! I really enjoyed it and realize I need to post more on my blog.

  • More on my reference design for an open game console

    I found this the other day and think it would be perfect for the Game Distribution network for my non-existing open console. It is called OpenCDS and it is being used for the open-source game OpenFrag.

  • Ok, now I definitely won't watch American Idol

    I just found out a handful of people have recording contracts! Irish-girl, Australian-guy and some others.

  • No American Idol for me

    Since no one I was routing for got in, I’m done with this season. If only they had kept Kyle…

  • Proposal: A Reference Design for an Open Source Game Console

    As I’ve been playing with MythTV, Ubuntu and the like for a year now, I keep coming up with the idea of an open source game console. I’ve figured that someone would have thought of this before, but, I can never find anything on the interweb about it.

  • Use Your DS As An Interactive DisneyWorld Tour Guide | Game | Life from

    This looks like the best use of a Nintendo DS until Final Fantasy Tactics DS comes out. As Susan Arendt wrote on Wired’s Game Life:
  • Extreme Makeover: Greg Edition

    The episode in Port Deposit Maryland aired last night. My co-workers and I went up and helped on Day 4. I was on the team that built the plane. This is a link to the project. BTW, the thumbtacks as rivets…that was my idea. So was moving the flight sim gear down. The designer wanted the screens to be up by the windshield but I told him it was too cramped and the kid would get eye strain.

  • How to Get Flash AS2 to Display Italicized HTML Text | rabidGadfly

    After 10 years of using a product, you can still learn something…this helped me today with a rather dumb Flash problem.

  • Sailboat Blogger Vies for Seaside Broadband

    An article about trying to run a blog while sailing off the coast of Mexico. It’s sounds hard but not impossible.

  • flashObject vs swfObject & SCORM

    This is more of a note to myself:

  • From Wired Magazine...Whats Inside: Red Bull

    MMM, Bull bile:

  • Using Madden to Train New NFL Players from Game | Life - Wired Blogs

    A short post on a company that has licensed EA’s Madden franchise and combined it with their own technology to use the game to train new plays.

  • Sailing Terms Flash-cards Re-post

    It’s sailing season again in the lovely Baltimore Harbor. Here is a re-post from mere weeks after I learned to sail. Hopefully, I’ll add to them before my ASA 103 Course.

  • McAfee Site Advisor says I'm AOK

    While I was ego surfing checking for links to my site, I found this lovely review:

  • Resources from 'Power of Play' Training Seminar

    When the media comes out from last night, I plan on putting my presentation up here.

  • Where is Greg - April 2007

    I’ve been away from my blog for a while now. In the last 60 days, I’ve given four different presentations across the country (6 in the last 90 days). Fortunately, two were pretty similar so I didn’t need to re-work the content too much.

  • retrofit will be hibernating for a few days

    For the 2, possibly 3, people that read this…

  • Wii-petitive Strain Injury

    This is why my wife and I both have sore wrists and shoulders.

  • Personal Hovercraft

    I would take this as a runner-up to a jet pack.

  • This guy is awesome

    Pendleton Ward is possibly one of the most creative/imaginative artists I’ve seen on the internet. I wish I had thought of this movie.

  • Wired 15.02: RoboCop, PhD

    Peter Weller (RoboCop/Buckaroo Bonzai) left Hollywood and went to study Italian Renaissance in Italy. He liked it so much, he’s on his way to a PhD. Now he teaches classes on Ancient History and Hollywood and hosts History Channel Shows.

  • Possible Summer Cabin? - A Low Impact Woodland Home

    A guy in Wales built a house in a hill. No big surprise…people have been doing that since the 70’s. The cool thing is it cost around $3000 and looks like a Hobbit house. I’m not sure I could live there permanently, but, it would make a sweet vacation home.

  • Not quite a jetpack...

    but I’d still take it!

  • Go-Robo! Creative computer programming with robots

    Now it will be even easier to scare my cats.

  • Digital Hero Waterproof Wrist Camera -- Discovery Channel Store -- 767731

    Merry Christmas…I want this.

  • Line Rider for DS and Wii (from Game|Life)

    Wow. This was a Flash Game and now it’s for a console?!?!? Rad.

  • DIY Cell Phone

    Maybe I’ll build my next cell phone…

  • Rupert the Pet Rhino

    I was told by my wife that I couldn’t have one.

  • Unsafe is Safe: European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs

    Some towns in Europe are taking the bold move of removing all street signs in order to foster personal responsibility and increase courteousness while driving.

  • Handy tools for start-up companies

    Like belt making machines in a belt factory, software is one of the biggest capital costs in a small, information-based business. Here is an article from Wired with some niche companies answering the call of providing tools to start-ups.

  • 'Aliens could attack at any time' warns former MoD chief | the Daily Mail

    It’s agood thing the Brits have Torchwood…oh wait, that’s fake? Uh-oh…

  • Where have I been?

    We went to London a few weeks back to visit my S-i-L. It was great: we rode the London Eye, took a tour on the Thames, saw a museum exhibit on video games, and ate my new favorite food the Cornish Pasty.

  • Wii Pre-order, um, Madness?

  • Contest to design a better Pratt St corridor

    One downside to living in Baltimore is the lack of a shopping “district” for normal day-today things like clothes, electronics…just stuff. We always find ourselves driving to either White Marsh or some other suburb which kind of defeats living in a city. Hopefully, one of the new proposals that will enter the contest to redesign Pratt St will include a shopping area that is nice enough for a tourist area but not so upscale no one really shops there…it should be a functional part of the city.

  • Commodore 64 on Wii

    This is going to be a great video game system. Why? Because I’ll be able to play:


    This is the only reality show I would even THINK of wanting to be on…

  • BREITBART.COM - US drivers hop on scooters to dodge rising gas prices

    I’ve been noticing a lot more people riding scooters. This might explain why:

  • My cat is smarter than I thought

    This is what he typed when he jumped up on the keyboard for my attention.

  • Buddy the Cat's Typing

    Buddy the Cat typed 7poooooo today. I think he was telling me something.

  • It's not a jetpack but it will still work

    Much to my co-worker’s amusement, whenever we talk about our ideal car, I mention I really want a jet pack. Well, this isn’t the Bell X-1 or anything, but, it looks awesome. And at only $30k, not that expensive (for aircraft).

  • Odd sign at Baltimore Inner Harbor #1

  • Odd sign at Baltimore Inner Harbor #2

  • Up to the minute local weather

    The weather in our neighborhood is on the right hand side now…thanks to iPuppy.

  • From sea to sea, pirate scene hooks recruits | In Depth |

    “The huge success of the summer movie sequel “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” underscores the subject’s broad romantic appeal. But the subculture emerged long before the original movie in July 2003, with some experts dating the trend back to the mid- to late-1990s.”

  • Multimedia message

  • Why Greg Walsh is The Best Guy Ever

    Many girls say they have the best guy ever.$ I do.$ I really do.$ If you know of a better guy than Greg Walsh then I challenge you.$ Prove it.$ If he really is better I will buy you a milk shake at Mcy D’s.$ True that.$ And Challah to MK in UK!

  • Dealing with idiot neighbors

    From the “I’m not angry, just disappointed” file as written by HJC:

  • Happy Birthday: Flash is 10

    Yes, the software I use every day and have used everyday for almost 9 years, turned 10. I’m sure Word and Excel are older, but, how many tools let you make a game featuring boxing presedential candidates OR watch a web video on YouTube? Yes, thanks to Flash, I not only can do my job, but can also be inandated with animating ads. Punch the Monkey!

  • Seafaring cat has sailed 'round the world on a Tall Ship four times

    I wonder if Kippi would do as well as this cat… Probably not.

  • Wired Magazine: Sails and Marketing

    Sony Ericsson’s pavillion in Baltimore and use of technology during the Volvo Ocean Race.

  • They don't make them like they used to

    The more I play with my Apple IIc and DosBox, the more I realize how a relatively limited machine can still be fun/useful. Some tools only exist on those machines and I find myself using them more than I should. For example, Disney’s Stunt Island is a very fun game that only works on DOS.

  • When sailing is no breeze -

    I learned first hand on Sunday that 90+ degree F weather is no good for sailing. Neither is a lack of wind…or a broken outboard engine.

  • It's not the heat...

    Wow. It’s hot. It’s been hot for a few weeks but this week is really hot. I didn’t remember it being this hot since I moved to Maryland in 1998 but then I read this in today’s Baltimore Sun:

  • Stuck, waiting on weather 'jam' to clear -

    Here is an explanantion of our wonderful Maryland weather this week…yey Global Warming!

  • Pretty Ann!

    My wife on her Party in the Park banner.

  • Ann with Banner

    Ann Walsh with the Party in Park Banner. Party in the Park was a youth fair in Westminster, Carrol County Maryland.

  • Vehicle Turntables - Commercial or Residential Applications

    This would be great in my backyard…if I had a place to park a car. It just reminds me of the Batcave…I’m not sure why the cars in the pictures all look like a Starsky and Hutch bad guy’s.

  • Graphic Test

    Look at this sweet graphic.

  • Graphic Idea

    This is a graphic

  • A clever new game: Portal

    This game looks like it will break the stereotype of same-as-the-last-big-seller games. You shoot a “portal” instead of a gun. It looks like your weapon can shoot twice, one for each side of the portal…It sounds confusing so here’s a video:

  • A Sad Day for Everyone: Apple to shy away from creative image

    I thought this was the most depressing comment I’ve heard in a while:

  • The phone of the future: Verizon One

    The phone looks great. It works as your DSL modem/wireless hub/information center. It has a touch screen and all kind of Jetson’s like doo-dads.

  • Shirt I Want #3 : Oregon Trail

    I LOVE(D) this game. It got me into educational computing.

  • Shirt I Want #2: Challah back!

    Challah back! < Funny & Retro T’s < Themes < Cult Classic Ts Moive Quote & TV Quote Shirts

  • Shirt I Want #1 :You Can't Even Sail

    You Can’t Even Sail < Funny & Retro T’s < Themes < Cult Classic Ts Moive Quote & TV Quote Shirts

  • DryEar

    I have bad ears from years of Swimmer’s Ear infections. Once, I got an ear infection just from swimming in a Boy Scout Camp lake (oddly enough, none from swimming in the Chesapeake Bay). If only I would have had this. Maybe I can go off the dive again and face the demon that is water in my ears.

  • Energy Hog

    This looks like an energy saving Web site from the gov. What I’ve read seems interesting. I also like the Hog character.

  • Multimedia message

  • Multimedia message

  • crumbs at

    As an instructional media guy, I found the first video funny and the second video incredible.

  • Wired News: The Man Who Makes Monsters

    It must be difficult for all the guys in Hollywood who started making movies back in the 60’s with clay and models to deal with computer graphics in today’s film industry. This article gives you a glimpse into one important guy’s thoughts.

  • Special forces to use strap-on 'stealth wings' | the Daily Mail

    I’m pretty sure GI Joe (or Cobra) had this way back in the 80’s. Maybe the DoD needs to watch some of the old cartoons. I have a lot of the toys if they’re interested in models.

  • Flash 8 is bloat-ware

    Not that anyone cares about my personal opinions on Macromedia/Adobe Flash, but, I am not happy with Flash 8 on my Mac. I’ve used Flash since version 2 and have never had too much of a problem with it. Right now, I’m really disappointed in its performance on a G4 15” laptop (1.2 GHz, 512MB). It’s very unresponsive to shortcut keys and everything seems to lag. I went back to MX2004 and was surprised at how springy it seems in comparison.


    Where’s the Vincent action figure? Can I buy Dharma accessories for them?

  • SportsStuff - Wego Kite Tube

    It’s an inner tube that flies when pulled from behind a boat. Oh my God I want one!

  • The Prisoner Remake?

    I think this will be the greatest new series EVER. I liked the original prisoner, I liked the most recent Doctor Who…I sure hope I like the new Prisoner staring the new (now most former) Doctor.

  • Wahoooo! I'm a Da Vinci Code Google Quest Finalist

    This is what I JUST got in the ol email:

  • Keep the global warming comin':Flood Maps

    According to these projections, I’ll have close to waterfront property if the sea levels rise to 7m (about 21 feet)

  • Boing Boing: Cat Chopper

    This would be awesome if a certain yellow and black tool company got in on this.

  • Mark D Saves the Day

    From Reversal on DNA saves case in the Baltimore Sun:

  • Cruise ship terminal opens in Locust Point -

    This might explain why I saw a giant cruise ship driving home a few weeks ago. I was glad to see that Royal Caribbean was sailing out from here. They seem more upscale than Carnival.

  • Wired News:Its Official,UFOs Are Just UAPs

    UFO, UAP…let’s just call the whole thing off. It’s a shame that UFOs aren’t real. I want to believe…unless that means they would come and get me.


    Wow. I thought spending $20 was a lot for an antique phone.

  • Your car may run on Ethanol too!

    I was worried that my 2005 Toyota Corrolla would be left out in the cold as more and more Ethanol products are released at gas stations. Even though it won’t run on E85, it looks like we’ll be able to use some sort of blend to reduce the cost per mile of our car.

  • Wired2014.053-The Next Green Revolution

    A good commentary on why being Green isn’t for woodsy, hide-in-the-hills people and how environmentalism is better than just being good for the environment.

  • Global Green USA

    Some tips from the Dept of Energy of making your house more efficient.

  • Two conflicting stories on the same thing

    I’m not sue which of the two to believe–the study that says people are leaving the suburbs for the cities or the one that says people are leaving the cities for the suburbs. I’m sure each one can be true in different circumstances. For example, people are leaving New York and LA to go outside the city, while affluent people here in Maryland are moving back into Baltimore.

  • My sister-in-law went to Marrakech and all I got was this bus

    Just kidding! I really want a scooter after seeing this pic.

  • The Hustle and Bustle of Marakesh

  • deconcept>FlashObject:Javascript Flash detection and embed script

    Thanks to Bill for sending me this link on how to fix the Flash error that every IE user will have in a few weeks.

  • Yee-haw! It's a geo metro general lee.

    originally uploaded by gregwalsh.
  • Ride the Ducks!

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  • Fake speed camera slows down drivers | the Daily Mail

    Maybe I should put this in front of my house. It might slow down some people who think 25 mph really means 40!

  • Randall's Chevy Tahoe Commercial

    This is awesome.

  • City flier ban sought -

    Finally! I think we get at least 30 a week…I know Ann gets so mad at how bad they make the street look.

  • Apple - Pro-Video - Michael Mattioli

    This is what I want MY house to be…and my computer, and my software.

  • FLVs from AppleScript and ffmpeg

    If you’re not a nerd, read no further.

  • Aging Japan builds robot to look after elderly - Yahoo! News

    Tomorrow the elderly… the next day after that the World!

  • the cool hunter - JAPANESE APARTMENT BLOCK - TOKYO

    Do you think there’s a covenant that requires certain colors?

  • Children's music rocks: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

    My favorite quote from this article is below.

  • Really Inspirational News Story

    I don’t follow sports much but I’m a sucker for a good inspirational story. This is a GREAT story about a kid with autism who turned out to be a not-so-bad athlete.

  • Food Force

    A popular downloadable game/educational experience that allows the user to learn more about the U.N.’s food program through simple mini-games.

  • Puppies Taking a Ride on a Monorail

    As a lifetime member of the monorail society, I had to make a permanent record of this.

  • Step 1 in becoming a cyborg: Bionic Eyes

    Get these Nike “sport” contacts. They replace sunglasses by blocking UV rays kind of like Blu-Blockers. Plus they look badass.

  • Plug-In Partners

    I’m not really sure how Baltimore jumped on this train, but, it seems if they are supporting the development of Plug-in Hybrids. A plug-in hybrid is a car you charge overnight and get 50 miles on without any gas.

  • Wired News: Saddle Up Yer Velomobile

    This is exactly what I want! It costs as much as a segway and seems way more practical.

  • The Website Development Process

    A funny little pictorial on the Web development process.

  • Hybrid Cars - The Great Hybrid Car Cover-up of '74

    It seems as if the future of automobiles was realized in the 70’s but squashed by the EPA. Dr Victor Wouk developed a hybrid car in the mid-70’s.

  • 113664521433897039

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  • 113664515791654155

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  • 113664512514681276

    In the Tiki tiki tiki, I mean, Main St USA during the 2006 Disney World Half-Marathon

  • The Peterman Principle

    This article explores John O’Hurley and his financial successes…most tied to the J Peterman character and wise investing.

  • Ryan's Cheese Platter

  • Norm! - Greg and Norm Abram

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  • Arcade Cabinet after Carpentry #2 with Monitor

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  • Arcade Cabinet after Carpentry

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  • Daily Record, The (Baltimore): Titan Digital Communications encourages 'creative class' of employees

    An article I found today while doing research for my next project case study. It tells the story of how interesting the employees were at my previous employer.

  • Auto Shows & Concept Cars on Yahoo! News Photos

    It’s official, robots are now part of instructional technology. Honda’s humanoid robot is being used as a guide at museums.

  • Class

    From my phone…the class was astounded.

  • Christmas tree raising in Bloomsburg

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  • Joe Colombo: Inventing the future

    A really interesting site about designer Joe Colombo’s creations. They look as modern as anything you’d get in DWR, Dwell, or even Ikea. He died in 1971.


    This web site is great! It’s a tie-in to How-to guide on Surviving a Robot Uprising…a topic near and dear to my heart.

  • Mmm, pie

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  • Wired News: Pedals From the Past

    This article reminds me of the bikes I bought this summer to replace our good bikes that were stolen.

  • City


  • No more bus!

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  • Fuel prices may send Md. boaters aground -

    This article reinforces why I sail. I think we spent $5 on filling up the diesel tank on a weekend trip.

  • My Old Projects: Smithsonian Dinosaur Site


  • Disney!

    Me at Disneyland…from my phone.

  • Last Shuttle Flight Made Clouds Over Antarctica - Yahoo! News

    My sister sent this after remembering my story of AC the shuttle bus driver [link].

  • Rhino Calf

    “A new African white rhino calf is watched by its mother Clara at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in Bedfordshire, England. “

  • Sailing Terms Flashcards

    In preparation for classes and shunning all of my instructional technology skills, I made a pdf of flash cards that contain important sailing terms for beginners. I’m sure there are WAY more terms, but this is my first downloadable thingy for people.

  • - What's old is brewed again

    An interesting article about the popularity of retro beers– Pabst, Leinenkugel, Budweiser and Yuengling..

  • An All New Kind of Gym Class

    I remember when I told my gym teacher how cool the Nintendo Power Pad was…looks like I was 12 years ahead of my time.

  • Dance Dance Your Way to Fitness:

    If only there was Dance Dance Warcraft Extreme!!

  • Karl Kapp Interviews Cisco's Tom Kelly and Nadar Nanjiani

    A former professor of mine interviews two e-learning Gurus at Cisco who have just published a book called The Business Case for E-Learning.

  • Mr Freeze from Wired 13.06: The Mad Genius from the Bottom of the Sea

    I really like this guy’s ideas. Take cold water from the bottom of the ocean and use the energy (or lack there of) to create electricity.

  • Picture(8).jpg

    This was the littlest mini-van I'd ever seen. It was electric powered. I saw it at the Inner Harbor.
  • Game Development for Mac Software

    Sawblade Software will be releasing Power Game Factory. This product will allow (supposedly) the cretion of side scrolling games with no programming.

  • Picture(8).jpg


  • Social D!

    Social D!

  • New York Dolls @ HFSTIVAL

    New York Dolls @ HFSTIVAL

  • Baltimore City School System Sucks! (from - City schools to challenge state decision on charters)

    Baltimore City is trying to block charter schools fom getting the allocated funding. The state says that students who go to charter schools should get the amount of funding that other kids get. If you add up the school district’s costs and divide by the amount of students, that equals about $11,000. The city says that with put $13 million strain on the already strained budget.

  • Sunshine of my love

    Sunshine of my love
  • Elmwood Park zoo

    Elmwood Park zoo
  • A very cool inspirational nerd story

    Wired 13.04: La Vida Robot

  • Baltimore City iMap ... Citizen resource for cultural, civic, and property information

    A really cool mapping tool of baltimore using Pictometry. You can see a particular address or zoom around the map. You can also turn on aerial photography mode and see the top of a particular place.

  • NYC 2

    NYC 2Hold on to your Wigs
  • NYC 1

    NYC 1Coney island (1) - Cyclone line
  • Picture(1.jpg


  • Wired News: Need a Building? Just Add Water

    This is pretty cool. It’s a concrete-lined fabric that when you add water and then inflate creates a 16 square meter shelter…as portable as a big tent but as strong as a building.

  • Ann eatssalad!

    Ann eatssalad!

  • 111049385413861635

    this is an audio post - click to play
  • My desk @ work!


  • Snowman in Bethlehem

    Snowman in Bethlehem Originally uploaded by gregwalsh.

    A little late but, I found this on my phone from Christmas. I swear I found it this way!

  • Less than one year and we're back!

    So, where have I been since the last really real update?

  • Republishing old stories

    I’m republishing all my old entries. All the entries from BEFORE this posting are copies from previous web sites.

  • Those Darn Rockets

    A very interesting courtesy shuttle driver explains why the weather in Maryland is whacky and why cars aren’t electric.

  • GotMilk Site gets game

    the new Milk site at site has a new game, GotGame?. It’s a basketball shootout simulation programmed by moi using Shockwave3D. Big thanks to Dugan and Casey for graphic design/3d design, respectively.

  • Why Summer doesn't suck

    Besides not getting paid because the economy sucks and getting the center console of your Jeep ripped out for a $100 stereo and a myriad of other issues, summer seems to have one thing going for it. The Slurp and Gulp at 7-11 looks like a soda with a brain. Lots of liquid…Lots and lots of liquid.

  • To Mac Media--Get Over it!

    p class=’bodyText’>After watching Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at Macworld, many Mac media Web sites decided that they were “underwhelmed” by what they saw. “everything we saw, we’ve seen before, months ago at the first Jaguar preview” one said about the new Mac OS as their less than objective reviews downplayed Apple’s announcements. Apple is continuing to innovate in ways that the tech elite takes for granted.

  • Big Swim

    Short Story–On Sunday, I swam the Dodge Great Chesapeake Bay Swim. It was 4.4 miles of rough, choppy water underneath the Bay Bridge in Annapolis. My time was 2hr56min, which was about 4 minutes faster than my goal time. I was 549 out of 581…doesn’t sound that good except we started with around 650…70 some people dropped out. The winner of the whole thing was something like 1hr 25 minutes…he swam 19 minute miles…whew doggy.

  • Moby

    Moby is one of the coolest musicians around.<p><p><p>

  • Art? Only Shadows Know for Sure--

    Interesting Article on interactive art.

  • First Post

    This is my first Weblog Post (blog from here on out). Hopefully, I’ll be able to come up with some good resources for wireless web and Flash and endurance swimming…maybe even some Mac stuff. That reminds me, I have to add a catgory for Mac.